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Food Allergy & Hypersensitivity 2016: 5th – 7th July 2016



A three day international conference on the science of food allergies and hypersensitivities, including triggers and treatments.


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Location: London, UK

Date:  5th – 7th July 2016

Food allergies and intolerances have now reached epidemic proportions with the personal, social and economic costs extending across the world. The aim of this EuroScicon summit on Food Allergy & Hypersensitivity is to provide a networking opportunity to discusss the latest research on the pathophysiology of food hypersensitivities and new approaches for their treatment.



Advances in Food Allergy & Hypersensitivity Research: Triggers and Treatment: Triggers and Treatment – 4th – 6th July 2017

This event will discuss the following:

  • Food hypersensitivities, including allergies and intolerances
  • Susceptibility and early life origins of food hypersensitivities
  • Therapeutic approaches to food allergy management
  • Diagnosis of food hypersensitivities
  • Practical management of food allergies


The Deadline for abstract submissions for oral presentation is 10th April 2016

The early registration deadline is 20th May 2016

The Deadline for abstract submissions for poster presentation is 20th June 2016

Who Should Attend:  Those in research and academia; those in the food industry; those in drug development and pharma.

The 2016 Food Allergy Summit has an open abstract session:  Abstracts can be submitted on any subject related to Food allergy and intolerance

Talks Include

Physiological mechanisms of IgE-mediated food allergy, and implications for understanding severityDr Robert J BoyleImperial College LondonUnited Kingdom
Peanut epicutaneous immunotherapyProfessor Christophe DupontNecker-Enfants Malades Teaching HospitalFrance
Gender and Dose Dependent Ovalbumin Induced Hypersensitivity Responses in Murine Model of Food AllergyDr Ondulla ToomerFood and Drug AdministrationUnited States
The role of infant nutrition in the development of allergic diseasesDr. Caroline RoduitUniversity of ZurichSwitzerland
Nanoparticle-Mediated Complement Activation Related PseudoallergyProfessor Seyed Moein MoghimiCentre for Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology and NanotoxicologyDenmark
Basophil and mast cell activation assays: a new era in food allergy diagnosis?Dr Alexandra SantosKings College LondonUnited Kingdom
•FAST: Towards safe and effective ubcutaneous immunotherapy of persistent life-threatening food allergiesDr. Laurian JongejanAcademic Medical Center AmsterdamNetherlands
Long Term Immune Modulation through Maternal Dietary InterventionDr. Astrid HogenkampUtrecht UniversityNetherlands
Beyond Tropomyosin in Shrimp AllergyDr Sara AnvariTexas Children's HospitalUnited States
The effects of polyphenol-enriched diets on food allergyDr. Margarida CastellUniversity of BarcelonaSpain
Treating the Atopic March with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)Dr. Xiu-Min LiIcahn School of Medicine at Mount SinaiUnited States
What is the role of food allergy in EGID?Dr. Anne Marie DittoNorthwestern UniversityUnited States
Efficacy and tolerability of AR101, a peanut-derived pharmaceutical for oral immunotherapyDr Andrea VeredaAimmune TherapeuticsUnited Kingdom
Microneedles for allergy immunotherapyAssociate Professor Harvinder S. GillTexas Tech UniversityUnited States
Discuss clinical trials ongoing at Stanford University to treat food allergic patientsDr Rebecca ChinthrajahStanford UniversityUnited States
Food Allergy: risk, responsibility and regulationHazel GowlandAllergy ActionUnited Kingdom
Psychological Aspects of Food Allergy ManagementAssistant Professor Catherine C. PetersonEastern Michigan UniversityUnited States
Peanut and hazelnut allergy: improvements and limitations by measuring specific IgE to componentsDr. Thuy-My LeUniversity Medical Center UtrechtNetherlands
Mobile Health and AllergiesProfessor Sam LingamMedical Express ClinicUnited Kingdom
Mobile Health and AllergiesDr. David Doherty3G DoctorIreland

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All abstracts accepted for oral presentation are also automatically accepted for poster presentation


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This is a closed event

Only participants who have registered are licensed to attend this event. This is for the protection and peace of mind of our speakers who are presenting unpublished work. We ask our participants not to share their screen with people who are not registered for the event and will fine those who do.

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