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The Smart way to image your gels


The Imagel Gel Doc system for iPhone or Android is the smart way to quickly grab your gel images. Just hook up your smart phone to the compact hood and start to collect images of all your gels, quickly and easily.

The Imagel can be used with 3 different light sources. Use the blue LED transilluminator for DNA applications that use Green DNA, GelGren, SYBR® Green, SYBR® Safe, SYBR® Gold and for Protein applications using LavaPurple. A UV transilluminator will let you work with AmberDNA, ethidium bromide, SYBR®, Oriole™, fluorescent gel stain, GelRed, SYPRO Ruby, Coomassie, Fluor Orange and Krypton. Finally using a white light source you can capture images of Proteins using Coomassie Blue, copper, silver or zinc stains.

The Imagel is very simple to use. Just snap a photo and save on your phone or upload to the cloud for hosting, sharing, image analysis and annotation features. Once captured, you can manipulate the image by cropping or zooming or utilising a light boosting app. The end result will be a high quality image for your records.

Imagel is supplied as a hood which is compatible with both iPhone and Android phones [not included]. This low cost method of gel documentation is a must for everyone. Why not get one for your lab and start grabbing those quick images immediately.

Says Eikonix “the Imagel is the smart solution for any user who wants to grab a quick image of their gel or blot. Right now we are offering the Imagel for under £200”

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