Postdoctoral Fellowship in Viral Immunology


The Suthar laboratory is looking to fill two postdoctoral positions to study the role of the RIG-I like receptors in regulating viral infection. These host receptors are a family of cytosolic pattern recognition receptors that, upon binding non-self RNAs, trigger a potent antiviral immune response. More recently, our laboratory has discovered that the RLRs also function in a non-canonical manner within T cells to regulate activation, proliferation, survival and fitness during virus infection. This is an exciting new area of research and the Suthar laboratory is actively pursuing postdoctoral fellows interested in studying how the RLRs program dendritic cell and T cell immunity during virus infection. Successful candidates must have a Ph.D. in Virology or Immunology and be highly motivated, collaborative, productive and energetic.

Previous experience should include work with a murine model of immunological or virologic disease as well as experience with: in vitro immunological and virologic assays (e.g., antigen-stimulated proliferation, cytokine production, plaque assay, etc.), FACS analysis, and basic molecular techniques (e.g., qPCR, Western blot, etc.). Additional experience, but not required, includes work involving genetically altered mice, ChIP-Seq, Illumina HiSeq, and bioinformatics analysis.

Salary is commensurate with the NIH stipend. Postdoctoral fellows are expected to submit a postdoctoral fellowship grant (NIH or foundation-based).

To apply, please send an introductory letter and your CV to:
Mehul S. Suthar @

Don’t forget to mention Naturejobs when applying.

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