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Introducing the Hi Cen GR Centrifuge from Herolab


The Hi Cen GR from Herolab GmbH Laborgeräte is a further addition to its well-known and highly regarded range of centrifuges and accessories. Since 1979, Herolab has been manufacturing high quality products at attractive prices from its base in Wiesloch in Germany and the Hi Cen GR extends that range further.


This dedication to quality and the use of innovative solutions can be found across the Herolab range and has recently earned the prestigious Stifterverband Seal. This is particularly the case with the multi-purpose Hi Cen GR centrifuge. This large volume floor standing refrigerated centrifuge has a maximum capacity of 4 x 1000ml and can be used with Swing-out or Angle rotors. Its speed of up to 18,000 rpm and g-force of 36.223 x g puts this model at the high end of performance levels.


Many users will find the ability to run a number of tubes in a swing-out rotor very useful. It is also possible to centrifuge small volumes at high speed in a fixed angle rotor [10ml tubes at 17500 rpm – 33.554 xg]. If you need to centrifuge high volumes such as 4 x 1000 ml in a swing-out rotor or 4 x 750ml in a swing-out rotor with windshield this is also possible with this very versatile machine. In total 19 different swing-out and fixed angle rotors are available.


As is typical with many of the Herolab centifuges, this microprocessor controlled model has a number of standard features including maintenance free, brushless induction drive, stainless steel chamber with additional inner guard ring, over-speed detection, imbalance detection and cut-off. A motorised lid lock, automatic lid opening and emergency lid lock release complete the safety aspects of this exceptional product.


Herolab have been producing quality scientific products for 36 years. The centrifuge division is well known for producing well engineered and robust models. Says Herolab “We are very pleased with the Hi Cen GR and we expect our many customers to be equally impressed with the performance and quality of this product. They will also be very pleased to find its attractive price”. Herolab products are also now available from its UK base in Cambridge.

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