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Fluorescence lifetime technology – A more robust assay for compound screening


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TTP Labtech, have announced that they have formed a strategic alliance with Almac Group to offer a one-stop shop for compound screening leveraging fluorescence lifetime technology (FLT).

Together, based on their combined expertise and experience, these companies provide a unique and complete FLT platform that can be realistically used for compound screening and profiling. This platform will help to overcome the barriers for the wider adoption of this innovative and powerful technique. This technology is an attractive alternative to TR-FRET/ HTRF and Fluorescent Polarisation, where results suffer from compound related assay interference.

More details about the combined technology platform

This complete FLT platform comprises Almac’s proprietary FLEXYTE® FLT reagents and assay and TTP Labtech’s new ameon® microplate reader.

The reagents are applicable for a range of therapeutic target classes including kinases, proteases, phosphatases, deubiquitinases, epigenetic targets and protein-protein-protein interaction.

ameon is the next generation of FLT reader technology offering speed, precision and data quality that can be readily exploited in high-throughput screening workflows. This reader is currently being optimised for FLEXYTE assays and is planned to be launched in 2016. However, ameon can already be seen at the SLAS conference next week (TTP Labtech’s booth #1329).

The promising future for FLT

With FLT increasing in popularity due to its cost effectiveness, ease of use and robustness, it will enable more productive compound screening and profiling through improved data quality and better discrimination of compound and assay artefacts.

 TTP Labtech will be the provider of the plate reader and assay reagents and therefore become the go-to company for FLT.

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