Feedback from Euroscicon’s The 2014 Alzheimer’s Disease Congress



Speakers from Day 3

(From L-R): Back – Laurent Meijer, Andrea Cavalli, Hugo Geerts, Zeljko Svedruzic

Front – Luis Aguayo, Charlotte Jendresen, Andreas Kopke, Allen Orehek, Botond Penke (Co –Chair) and Ruth Itzhaki (Co-Chair)

This very interesting meeting was chaired by Professor Amos Korczyn on Day 1 (Professor Emeritus, Tel-Aviv University Medical School, Israel), Dr Guillaume Dorothee on Day 2, (Senior Investigator, INSERM, France) and by Co-Chairs Dr Botond Penke, (Professor, University of Szeged, Department of Medical Chemistry, Hungary) and Professor Ruth Itzhaki, Researcher, University of Manchester, UK) on the third day of the conference. Delegates liked the informal style, the organisation and the food. They also enjoyed the diversity of topics and liked the different viewpoints presented and the discussions.

 Comments included

Great lectures, very interesting, I’ve got a lot of new ideas after this conference

Great visual/audio, refreshments and lunch

Food was very good

The staff were kind and helpful and very efficient

Good overview of topic

Novel and clear with great images

Great explanations

A lot of research based hints given

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