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Case Study of keloid scars, in black and Caucasian races by Agueda Caravalho et al


 Case study of keloid scars, in black and caucasian races. The problem in the therapeutic approach

Authors:*Águeda Carvalho,**Ruben Sousa,***Rui Medeiros, ****Fernando Schmitt.

*MD,MsD, Plastic Surgeon Girassol Clinic, Josina Machel Hospital of Angola, Hospital Vila Real-Portugal, fellow of research group molecular oncology department-University of Porto;

**MD,MsD, Plastic Surgeon,Assistant Professor Plastic Surgery Unit-Goa Medical College; PhD;

***Ph.D, Director of Research Department Molecular Oncology GRP & Virology LAB Institute Português Oncology of Porto. Associate Professor Instituto Ciências Biomédicas Abel Salazar- University of Porto;

****MD,PhD,Professor of Pathology, Faculty of Medicine, University of Porto Researcher IPATIMUP Director of the Department of Medicine Laboratorie national de santé – Luxembourg


We present two cases of keloid scars, in a female African black child (2 years old; NH) and in a female European caucasian (27 years old;MI). NH had a scar dysmorphia of keloid sort resulting from tissue trauma by surgical incision after heart surgery. Diagnosis made up eight months after surgery for a chronic inflammatory process, by rejection of a foreign body (reactions to sutures). The therapeutic approach consisted in association pressure therapy and surgery recurrence even after 10 months of control. MI had transverse cervical dysmorphic scar, keloid type, with irregular borders under 1 year of evolution after thyroidectomy. The therapeutic option was the combination of surgical excision combined with corticosteroid therapy and pressure therapy. Evolution in the early postoperative period without complications although recurrence was reported 6/8 months after surgery although recurrence was reported 6/8 months after surgery.

This work was not supported by any direct or non direct funding. It is under the author’s own responsibility

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