BJS High speed Thermal cycler


new xxpress-PMS 2955 and PMS 326 (2)

Applications previously “out of reach” due to long test times for qPCR are now possible.

Following Trials with xxpress® the new ultra-high speed qPCR system from BJS Biotechnologies. Stephen Bustin commented in his recent online seminar “PCR Past, Present and Future”.

“We are heading towards faster (systems) and smaller volumes…..with this instrument we’ve been down to 8 second cycles! “

“If you combine this with very small volumes and the use of 96 well plates, we can see how it has very important implications for Molecular Diagnostics, where speed is of the essence.”

Stephen Bustin is Professor of Allied Health and Medicine at Anglia Ruskin University in the U.K. and a recognised PCR expert.

Listen to his full seminar online

Click Here to Watch the Webinar

Headquartered in Perivale UK, BJS is at the cutting edge of thermal cycler instrument design and manufacturing

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