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The 2016 Respiratory Health Summit : May 24th- 26th 2016, London


This international event will discuss the latest research related to the science of respiratory health (social, economic, health and environmental). In an informal academic setting this three-day event will bring together those working in all aspects of respiratory health and research. From infection and pathology to treatment and pharmacology; this summit will cover all aspects of respiratory health.

Pneumonia is the most common infectious disease related cause of death worldwide, killing nearly 1 million children under the age of 5 years and more that 20% of elderly people over 65 years old. Despite the use of antibiotics and improvements in supportive care we have not made much progress in improving survival of patients with pneumonia.  Dr. Ricardo Jorge Paixao Jose (University College, London, UK) will discuss research to understand the role of inflammation with a view to developing more targeted approaches to limit the extent of this infectious disease.

Tuberculosis also presents a significant challenge for global health and Dr Ning Tang (Abbott Molecular Inc, USA) will talk about the clinical management of tuberculosis and tools being developed to tackle this commonly acquired infectious disease

While Dr. Guiqing Wang (New York Medical College, USA) will review the global epidemiology, comparative viral genomics, clinical features and management of patients with severe respiratory illness due to  Enteroviruses D68 infection


For more information please go to  www.lifescienceevents.com/Resp2016

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