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The 2015 Obesity Summit – Feedback


This three day event discussed aspects of obesity development and treatment in an informal academic setting. Discussion included diagnosis and management, gene-environment interactions, drug discovery, fetal reprogramming and lipidomics.

The meeting Chairs included: Day 1 – Professors Yael Latzer (University of Haifa, Israel) and Daniel Stein (Admond and Lily Safra’s Childrens Hospital, Israel). Day 2 – Professor William Wong (Johns Hopkins University, US) . Day 3 – Dr Erik Aller (Consultant Research and Development, The Netherlands)


Comments included

 Interesting subject and clear presentation

Very professional,

Interesting and engaging talk

Excellent content and presentation

Outstanding talk

Dynamic speaker

Very active and interactive speaker

Excellent work and communications skills

High quality of speakers with expertise in this field

High quality of many sessions and broadness of content

Very helpful staff


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