Kristina Evangelou

Client Liason Manager

Kristina is responsible for our customer services and technical team She will help with bookings of both delegates and companies sponsors. If you are a delegate and there are several meetings that you would like to attend, or you would like to bring a lot of people with you to one event, please contact Kristina who can arrange a special discount for you. If you would like to sponsor an event please contact Kristina who can arrange this for you. Kristina ensure you can use our  virtual system and if you are speaking at a session she arrange a test run. Contact Details

  • Email: Kristina.Evangelou [@]
  • Ph: 020 38073712 Extension 1

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  • Quality and consistency of TheraPure GMP N1-methylpseudouridine triphosphate
    When choosing raw materials for mRNA production, many process development scientists often focus on a few familiar product quality attributes such as analytical quality, use of animal origin–free (AOF) materials, and even cost. However, there are many other product quality attributes that are just as important to consider. Many of these attributes can have a […]