Join us in parliament on 1st November


Join us in parliament on 1st November

22 September 2016

Will you join us to tell parliamentarians, ministers and officials that evidence matters to you and you expect it to matter to government too

This is so important, particularly in the face of a new wisdom setting in that the public aren’t interested in evidence in our ‘post truth’ society.

The Speaker has kindly agreed to let us hold this special event in his rooms in parliament. We now have a rare opportunity for politicians to hear first-hand how much evidence matters to all kinds of people from around the UK on issues ranging from children’s play to farming methods. Please come and let parliamentarians, ministers and officials know that you care that politicians consider evidence. The event is at 12.30pm on Tuesday 1st November. Let us know if you can come at so we can add you to the list as space is going to be very tight.

Please do also take a minute to tell us why evidence matters to you using this form. Specific examples are particularly valuable.

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Source: Sense About Science

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