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Innate Immunity 2016: The first line of defence


Innate Immunity 2016

Innate Immunity 2016

15th – 17th November, Online



This is the FIRST live streamed online conference discussing Innate Immunity and will discuss the increasingly appreciated role of the innate immune system in initiating and directing immune responses. We have gathered together invited speakers from around the world, who you might not otherwise have access to.

While vitamin D is best known for its essential role in skeletal health, there is increasing evidence that it has other physiological functions as well. Dr. John White, (McGill University, Montreal, Canada) will discuss the growing evidence that vitamin D is a key regulator of the immune system and boosts the body’s capacity to combat infections and control inflammation.

Speakers will discuss the role of the immune system in pathogen recognition, effector function and activation of adaptive responses. Professor Steven R. Van Doren’s  group, (University of Missouri, Columbia, United States) recently reported ground breaking structural studies of transient MMP complexes with cell surface components and collagen mimics

Considering therapeutic regulation, Dr Daniel Menendez, (National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS), Durham, United States) will be speaking about the Influence of the tumour suppressor p53 on human innate immune responses. “ Since p53 is the most altered gene in human cancers, our findings about p53 regulating the expression central components of the innate immunity  have many implications for understanding the impact p53 in immunological responses and cancer therapy” (Dr Daniel Menendez).

Those interested in the role of the innate immune system in health and disease and in therapeutic strategies to modulate the immune response would benefit from attending. This includes research scientists and academics, physicians and clinicians, and those who work within the industry



We encourage questions, discussion and debate and have a relaxed atmosphere which generates maximum interaction online.

After registration you will be connected to an online networking site where you will be able to have discussions with all participants of this event, before, during and after the meeting.

The event will be recorded and available for all registered delegates up to a month after the event.  So if you can’t manage all the days, or the different time zones, you can still have access to the full event.

Invited speakers and their talks Include

Structural Basis of Cell Surface Positioning and Activation of Macrophage-secreted MetalloproteasesProfessor Steven R. Van DorenUniversity of MissouriUnited States
Investigating the role of STIM1-mediated calcium signalling and ER-membrane contact sites in dendritic cell biologyDr. Paula NunesUniversity of GenevaSwitzerland
The value of BCG and innate immunity in autoimmune diseasesDr. Denise L FaustmanMassachusetts General HospitalUnited States
A helminth-derived suppressor of IL-33Dr. Henry McSorleyUniversity of EdinburghUnted Kingdom
Inflammasome activation in non-immune cells – not just a cytokine storyDr. Melanie ScottUniversity of PittsburghUnited States
The role of the human DEAD-box protein DDX3 in innate immunityDr Martina SchroederNational University of Ireland MaynoothIreland
Influence of the tumor suppressor p53 on human innate immune responsesDr. Daniel MenendezNational Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS)United States
Peptidoglycan and You: Perfect Together?Dr Catherine Leimkuhler GrimesUniversity of DelawareUnited States
Innate lymphoid cell defenceDr Rebecca IngramQueen's University BelfastUnited Kingdom
The Inflammasome and Intestinal HomeostasisDr. Hasan ZakiUT Southwestern Medical Center
United States
Impact of microbiota on ocular immunityProfessor Mihaela GadjevaBrigham and Women's HospitalUnited States
Innate immune responses to pathogenic mycobacteriaDr. Antje BlumenthalThe University of Queensland Diamantina InstituteAustralia
Molecular dynamics insights into NOD1-RIP2 interactionMr. Jitendra MaharanaOrissa University of Agriculture and Technology

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