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The new HeroDoc Plus Gel Documentation system sparks interest


The HeroDoc Plus from Herolab is a new addition to the gel documentation range of products on offer from the company. This time Herolab have focussed on the entry level end of the market with a compact system for the imaging for gels and blots. Pricing is always important at this end of the market and so Herolab have cleverly configured the product to fit within the limits of most typical budgets.

Herolab’s development team have once again combined their high quality manufacturing techniques with a high specification design to produce an impressive system which will attract a lot of users. The compact darkroom/hood assembly will sit comfortably on any laboratory bench within its small footprint. A unique lift up hood and a built-in UV protection shield enables the user to do preparative work easily and safely. Should the user wish to raise the shield an automatic cut-off switch will protect the user from any harmful effects of UV.

A high sensitivity CCD camera combined with a distortion free, software controlled lens, ensures quality image capture from 10 milliseconds up to 60 minutes. This is more than adequate for most fluorescent gel and blot image capture. Illumination comes from a massive 28cm x 22cm filter mid-range transilluminator while built-in white and blue light LED’s provide EPI illumination as standard.

Multi-language, Herostore image capture and control software effortlessly enables the user to acquire images of their gels and blots. The Herostore software has an intuitive interface and has been designed for use on a Touch Screen Monitor which can be used optionally with the system.

Various hardware and software options are available with the HeroDoc Plus so that the user can tailor the system to their needs.

Says Herolab “the HeroDoc Plus is a high flexible gel documentation system which our many customers are finding ticks all their boxes when it comes to the capture and imaging of gels and blots”.

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