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Euroscicon is now Live Streaming


From September many of Euroscicons events will be live streamed.

So you no longer have to worry about travel or accommodation expenses,  or any arrangements you have which clash with our events.

All these new events can be watched from the comfort of your office, home or even your favourite cafe

We still have the high quality, packed agendas with international speakers that you have come to expect from a Euroscicon event,

…and you can still

  1. submit abstracts for oral and poster presentation.
  2. ask questions of our speakers.
  3. get CPD and attendance certificates.
  4. network with all participants.

We even have a new networking site specific for each event where you can chat to all the participants, before, during and after the meeting.

The best news is that we have been able to cut our fees, so you can attend at a fraction of the cost of normal conferences and still stay up to date and network within your speciality.

Please view the list of our forthcoming live streamed events below (many are still in the construction phase, so please bear with us) and if you have any questions just email admin [@] euroscicon.com.  We are happy to show you how this works.

Registration LinkPoster
Moving forward with stem cell therapy6th - 8th September 2016www.lifescienceevents.com/stemtherapy2016Click hereDownload PDF
Pregnancy and Childbirth: Academic research and clinical expertise.13th - 15th September 2016www.lifescienceevents.com/pregnancy2016Click hereDownload PDF
Unlocking the potential of synthetic biology to enhance human health27th - 29th September 2016www.lifescienceevents.com/syntheticbiology2016Click hereDownload PDF
Vaccine Antigen Delivery: new approaches to vaccine development25th - 27th October 2016www.lifescienceevents.com/vaccine2016Click hereDownload PDF
Developing antibiotic alternatives: A discussion of new approaches to overcoming antimicrobial resistance 8th - 10th November 2016www.lifescienceevents.com/antibiotics2016Click hereDownload PDF
Innate Immunity: The first line of defence15th - 17th November 2016www.lifescienceevents.com/innate2016Click hereDownload PDF
Improving techniques and technology for cellular and molecular pathology 29th November - 1st December 2016www.lifescienceevents.com/path16Click hereDownload PDF
The Science of Pain and its Management 20166th- 8th Dec 2016www.lifescienceevents.com/pain2016Click hereDownload PDF
Bacteriophage 201717th - 19th Jan 2017www.lifescienceevents.com/phage2017Click hereDownload PDF
The 2017 Sports Science Summit24th - 26th January 2017www.SportsScience2017.comClick hereDownload PDF
Innovations in wound healing and wound management31st Jan - 2 Feb 2017www.lifescienceevents.com/wound2017Click hereDownload PDF
Three-dimensional cell culture: Innovations in tissue scaffolds and biomimetic systems7th - 9th Feb 2017www.lifescienceevents.com/cell2017Click hereDownload PDF
Meeting the Challenge of Healthy Ageing in the 21st Century21st - 23rd Feb 2017www.lifescienceevents.com/ageing2017Click hereDownload PDF
The 2017 Forensic Forums 7th - 9th March 2017www.ForensicForums2017.comClick hereDownload PDF
The Obesity Epidemic: Discussing the global health crisis18th - 20th April 2017www.lifescienceevents.com/obesity2017Click hereDownload PDF
Reproductive Health and Fertility: Research advances and clinical challenges25th - 27th April 2017www.lifescienceevents.com/Reproductive17Click hereDownload PDF
Advancing Pathology for Cancer Diagnosis, Staging and Prognosis16th - 18th May 2017www.lifescienceevents.com/Cancer2017Click hereDownload PDF
Understanding and Treating Respiratory Disease: A persistent challenge30th May - 1st June 2017www.lifescienceevents.com/Respiratory17Click here Download PDF
Biomedical Engineering6th - 8th June 2017www.lifescienceevents.com/biomedical2017Click hereDownload PDF
Advancing Alzheimer’s Research: Characterisation, Diagnosis & Treatment13th - 15th June 2017www.lifescienceevents.com/Alz2017Click hereDownload PDF
Breaking the Cycle of Parasitic Infections20th - 22nd June 2017www.lifescienceevents.com/Parasitic2017Click here Download PDF
Advances in Food Allergy & Hypersensitivity Research: Triggers and Treatment4th - 6th July 2017www.lifescienceevents.com/FoodAllergy2017Click hereDownload PDF
Fighting Back Against Infectious Diseases5th - 7th September 2017www.lifescienceevents.com/Infectious2017/Click hereDownload PDF

Why attend a live streamed event?

As Euroscicon are the first to run virtual Life Science conferences we thought you might be unfamiliar with the benefits of attending.  

Please view these meetings as you would a usual conference,  but with the following advantages

  • Less travel time means more time for you at work and at home`
  • Access the whole event from the com­fort of your own home or office
  • Reg­is­tra­tion Fees are much less than a “bricks and mor­tar” event
  • No expen­di­ture on hotels and sundries
  • Con­nect with a larger and more global audi­ence, many of whom may have not attended due to cost and travel constraints
  • Catch up on missed talks in the evening or your free time
  • No flight delays, pass­port con­trol or secu­rity checks
  • Jug­gle work demands with con­fer­ence attendance
  • Dip in and out of talks with­out being noticed
  • No pack­ing and unpack­ing and won­der­ing whether your lug­gage will make it through to the other side
  • Access all con­fer­ence mate­ri­als and audio online for 1 month after the event
  • Eas­ily locate con­fer­ence atten­dees and arrange a con­fer­ence call, rather than search­ing hotel lob­bies for your clients
  • Save hun­dreds of thou­sands of gal­lons of air fuel because of the aggre­gate efforts of attendees

FAQ about our live streamed events

To find out more about out internet conferences please click here

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