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Stemmera, who are based in California, have developed over the past 9 years, innovating technology and application solutions for the growing stem cell research market. The newly introduced products include kits, culture medium, reagents, antibodies, buffers and solutions and cell lines that are convenient tools used in stem cell research are now available in Europe.

Stemmera’s mission is to provide high quality and reliable products and simplified tools for stem cell researchers at an affordable price. The dedicated R&D team is comprised of experienced scientists who, in addition to product development, also provide product training and assistance to customers by offering advice or solutions. The team can also provide customised services for both industrial and academic customers who have special needs in their area of research.

Stemmera’s key products are serum-free and Xeno-free mediums which are proving to be very popular with customers. The latter has been shown to compare very favourably with other competitive mediums but is more affordable than most. The StemmeraTM Human ESCs/iPSCs Xeno-Free Medium (hStemXFM) is ready-to-use and is a fully defined animal-free culture medium. It is formulated for the expansion and maintenance of human induced Pluripotent Stem Cells (hiPSCs) and human Embryonic Stem Cells (hESC) which are used in clinical based research and drug screening. It is also can be used for basic research.

The main features of this medium are that is ready to use, is animal pathogen free, it is optimised for Xeno, available for single cell passaging and it is very cost effective. The full range of Stemmera products is now available across Europe.

Says Stemmera “we are delighted to be able to bring our range to a wide number of users across Europe where we feel our customers will benefit from our high quality products at affordable prices”

Stemmera is based in the Bay Area of California and is part of the Revongen group who also own Vivantis and Hercuvan.

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