Industry Updates

Automated Colony Counting Advances


The automated colony counter just got even better! The industry standard SCAN range of counters have been given a number of new features to make all three models the unit of choice when making the decision to go for automated counting for all your colonies.

The level of automatic control has been increased giving the user an ever greater feel of user comfort. Now you can customise as many parameters a you want which eliminates all those complicated batch settings and user input needed by all those other so called ‘automated’ colony counters.

The SCAN300, 500 and 1200 series really are designed and built with the user in mind. Models are compatible with the complete range of processes the user has in today’s laboratory. They seamlessly work with spiral platers, are compatible with DataLink traceability systems and are compatible with robotic analysis chains.

Major upgrades to the image resolution up to 1 megapixels brings enhanced imaging and high quality images for viewing and printing. Now it is possible to count as small as 0.05mm and get clear separation of the colonies. This aids reading between colonies and debris very easy and lets the user see even the smallest of colony. When it comes to low contrast plates such as water samples the SCAN excels easily beating many of its rivals in head to head tests.

Traceability and performance is assured with any of the SCAN range. Backed up with NF, CRF21, FDA BAN, AOAC and ISO traceability these colony counters really stand out from the rest. A 3 year warranty and free IQ/OQ/PQ documents complete an outstanding specification. You would be hard pressed to find a better range of colony counters.

Eikonix, the scientific digital imaging experts offers an unrivalled choice of systems for those working in the fields of gel imaging, colony counting and zone measuring, fluorescence imaging and live cell counting and imaging.

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