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Moving Forward with Stem Cell Therapy 2016 – Feedback


From basic research to clinical practice, this multi-disciplinary event provided an opportunity to share and compare research progress and clinical experiences to establish reliable stem cell and other cellular therapies.

This event was chaired on Day 1 by Dr. Karen Coopman, (Loughborough University, Leicestershire, UK), on Day 2 by Dr Daniel Peterson, (Chicago Medical School, Chicago,USA) and on Day 3 by
Dr Johanna Buschmann, (University Hospital Zurich, Plastic Surgery and Hand Surgery, Switzerland)

Delegates enjoyed the informative talks and the flexibility of an online meeting

Comments included

The speaker works with a very interesting topic and I think she was very clear by explaining her research. I am a huge fan now.

Clear, organized, calm, very helpful plus lovely talk.

Cell images and message was also exceptionally good.

Great images.

Good and simple ideas about what is going from academia to business.

The speakers were excellent and informative. I tried to view, as much as I could for the whole three days. Thank you.

Congratulations to all of you!!

I learned new available information. Good idea to make the web seminars live.

I think the speakers were excellent

Overall I enjoyed the online format and the flexibility this offers.

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