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Innovate UK awards prestigious grant to 5D Health Protection Group


The 5D Health Protection Group Ltd has been successfully awarded a prestigious grant from the UK’s Innovation Agency – Innovate UK. Funding for the project will be used to develop new, innovative smart anti-biofilm technologies that can be incorporated into medical devices, in particular those used in skin and wound care, catheters and other medical products where infection prevention and control innovations are urgently required. With the ever-increasing concerns of healthcare-associated infections (HCAIs) and the accompanying rise in costs to healthcare budgets, new anti-biofilm technologies are now required. In conjunction with the growing concerns of antibiotic resistant bacteria, as highlighted by the Chief Medical Officer Dame Sally Davies, the importance of biofilms also warrants a heightened visibility due to their reported association with 65% of all HCAIs and 80% of all known human infections.


The CEO of the 5D Health Protection Group Ltd, Professor Steven Percival said “being awarded this prestigious Innovate UK grant will help 5D to significantly speed up the delivery of novel anti-biofilm innovations, which will have a major impact on reducing biofilm associated infections, a major burden to both patients and hospitals globally. The direct and indirect cost of biofilms to environmental health, public health and medicine presently runs into the tens of billions of pounds annually”. The project is being undertaken in collaboration with Professor John Hunt from one of the UK’s leading research universities, The University of Liverpool.

To discuss this project in more detail please contact the 5D Health Protection Group Ltd.

About the 5D Health Protection Group Ltd

The 5D Health Protection Group Ltd is a leading B2B Research and Development company involved in:

·         medical device and environmental/public health consultancy

·         medical device innovation

·         product development

·         biofilm and microbiology testing and education.

5D specialises in:

·         infection prevention and control

·         biofilm management and antibiofilm innovation and development

·         the innovation and development of new medical devices

·         the reinvigoration of commercialised products.

5D also offers an exceptional testing service in microbiology, biofilms, biochemistry, biomaterials, clinical engineering, biologics and also offers a clinical trials service.

Training and educational courses can be delivered by the 5D Education Academy. Furthermore, 5D offers a quality and regulatory auditing service to companies presently initiating or employing ISO 9001 and ISO 13485.

5D have total license rights to a new antibiofilm formulation, AsepticateTM, that can be incorporated into an array of different platforms for use in many different industrial and healthcare sectors. A granted patent protects this antibiofilm formulation globally. The patent protected antibiofilm formulation can be used as an adjunct to presently used antimicrobial agents and products or it can be utilised as a stand-alone anti-biofilm and antimicrobial technology.


To discuss the ways in which 5D can be of service to you, please contact us.

To discuss the ways in which 5D can be of service to you, please contact us.

 Dr Louise Suleman or Prof Steven Percival

 5D Health Protection Group Ltd, Thornton Science Park, Pool Lane, Chester, CH2 4NU

  +44(0) 845 431 0481 or direct  +44(0) 1244 568 936


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