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Innate Immunity – The First Line of Defence 2016 – Feedback

Innate Immunity 2016

Innate Immunity 2016

This event discussed the increasingly appreciated role of the innate immune system in initiating and directing immune responses.

Topics included:

Innate Immune Cell Function,

Pathogen Defence

and Therapeutic Regulation

Chairs at the event:

Dr. Paula Nunes – University of Geneva, Geneva, Switzerland
Dr. John H. White –  McGill University, Montreal, Canada.
Professor Steven R. Van Doren – University of Missouri, Columbia, United States.
Dr. Daniel Menendez – National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS), Durham, United States.

Comments included:

“Overall the meeting was great. talks were great and arrangements were perfect.”

“These speakers stood out because of the potential for developing therapeutics”

“The speakers were quite clear in speech and slides presented.”

“Excellent presentation quality and also very nice introduction into the session she was chairing “

“High quality talk and good presentation skills”



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