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GIAS – Environmental and Health Research Group


The Environment and Health Research Group contributes to the promotion of scientific culture and presents specific aims related with the follow research areas: Environment, Environment and Genetics, Public and Environment Health, Occupational Health.

In general, GIAS aims to:

  • Study the risk factors present in the environment that can injure Human Health;
  • Increase the knowledge of cause-effect relationships;
  • Promote health and  disease prevention in different population groups;
  • Study individual factors that modulate the response to an environmental risk factor

Several projects have been developed by the Environment and Health Research Group. The young and multidisciplinary team focuses on relating exposure, diet, genetics and health habits with the health outcomes.

With several international publications, this research group intends to keep assessing Human exposure to different risk factors, ultimately contributing to establishing exposure-health relationships.

More information can be found on the website and the newsletter can be found here

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