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Frontiers of Applied Microbiology 23rd-24th October 2017




Who Should Attend:  Anyone with an interest in Applied Microbiology like Microbiologists, Biomedical scientists, Clinical researchers, Food technologists, Pharmacologists, Physicians, Ecologist and Forensic scientists will find this event useful.

Event Description: This Online Event will focus on latest advancements in the field of Applied Microbiology, Biotechnology, Parasitology , Virology , Microbial Ecology , Food Microbiology , Immuno-microbiology , Microbial Genetics , Bacteriology , Myco/phycology, Vaccines , Antibiotics etc.


After registration you will be connected to an online networking site where you will be able to have discussions with all participants of this event, before, during and after the meeting.

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A Euroscicon live streamed event gives you access to a wider range of international speakers at a fraction of the cost of a real world event. Furthermore, you no longer have to worry about travel or accommodation expenses, or any arrangements you have which clash with our events.

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Oral Abstract Submission Deadline: 15th August 2017

Early Registration Deadline: 20th September 2017

Poster Submission Deadline: 5th October 2017

Speaker Talks & Schedule
Name of the SpeakerTalk TitleAffiliationCountry
Professor Mariela SrednikMethicillin Resistance and SCCmec typing in Coagulase Negative Staphylococci isolated from Bovine Mastitis in Argentina.Assistant Professor Argentina
Dr. Thomas WebsterThe Age of Nanobiotics: Killing Bacteria with Nanotechnology and Without AntibioticsNortheastern University, 313 Snell Engineering Center, Boston, MA, USA 02115United States
Dr. Arif Maqsood Ali
Bacterial Endocarditis in Paediatric patients admitted in Rawalpindi Institute of CardiologyRAWALPINDI INSTITUTE OF CARDIOLOGYPakistan
Professor. Giulio TarroVaccines for Human Viral Diseases As Well As for Oncogenic Non-Viral AntigensPresident of the Foundation de Beaumont Bonelli for cancer researchItlay
Dr. K.N. BhattExploring Alternative Method of Production for Sustainable Agriculture and Ecological SecurityProfessor G.B. Pant Social Science Institute, University of Allahabad, Allahabad, IndiaIndia
Dr Segundo CastilloDirect evidence of viral infection and mitochondrial alterations in the brain of fetuses at high risk for schizophreniaPsychiatric Hospital of HavanaCuba
Dr. Bob Robert BlasdelA conserved Pseudomonas phage stress response reveals adaptive defense mechanismsLaboratory of Gene TechnologyBelgium
Dr. Veerendra KoppoluInhibition of Bacterial Virulence by Small Molecule InhibitorsScientist AstraZeneca/MedImmuneUnited States
Dr. Amparo GameroHigh-throughput screening of a large collection of non-conventional
yeasts reveals their potential for aroma formation in food
Postdoc researcher Spanish Research Council (CSIC)Spain
Dr. Shalini SehgalImplementation of A Risk-Based Management Aproach
For Microbial Safety of Fresh Procedure

Department of Food Technology
Bhaskaracharya College of Applied Sciences
University of Delhi
Dr. Michele StoneEnhanced immune modulation through superior control of formulation and delivery using the PRINT technologyExecutive Director Vaccines, Liquidia TechnologiesUnited States

Frontiers of Applied Microbiology has an open abstract session. 

Abstracts can be submitted on any subject related to Applied Microbiology and Microbiology.

Abstract Submission

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Advisory Board Members
Name Affiliation Country
Professor Alireza HeidariProfessor CSU CaliforniaUnited States
Dr. Amparo GameroPostdoc researcher Spanish Research Council (CSIC)Spain
Prof. Giulio TarroPresident of the Foundation de Beaumont Bonelli for cancer researchItaly

A Euroscicon live streamed event gives you access to a wider range of international speakers at a fraction of the cost of a real world event.  Furthermore, you no longer have to worry about travel or accommodation expenses,  or any arrangements you have which clash with our events.

This is an International Life Science Community Internet event


has CPD accreditation

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As Euroscicon are the first to run virtual Life Science conferences we thought you might be unfamiliar with the benefits of attending.  

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  • Catch up on missed talks in the evening or your free time
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  • Jug­gle work demands with con­fer­ence attendance
  • Dip in and out of talks with­out being noticed
  • No pack­ing and unpack­ing and won­der­ing whether your lug­gage will make it through to the other side
  • Access all con­fer­ence mate­ri­als and audio online for 1 month after the event
  • Eas­ily locate con­fer­ence atten­dees and arrange a con­fer­ence call, rather than search­ing hotel lob­bies for your clients
  • Save hun­dreds of thou­sands of gal­lons of air fuel because of the aggre­gate efforts of attendees

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