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Euroscicon Ltd Announces that the The 2016 Immunosuppression Summit will be on March 15-17, 2016


Euroscicon Ltd is pleased to announce that the 2016 Immunosuppression Summit will be on March 15-17, 2016. The stated event is considered as the first academic or clinical science conference to be held on line internationally. In addition to this, the event will bring together professional scientists who will discuss the dilemma that are associated with induced and natural immunosuppression.

For those people who are working in drug discovery and design, clinicians and physicians, research academics and scientists and those within the industry, the 2016 Immunosuppression Summit is the perfect event they should attend. Aside from this, the event has open abstract session. Euroscicon Ltd wants to remind the attendees that the abstracts can be submitted on any subject related to immunotherapy and immunosuppression.

The deadline for the submission of abstract for oral presentation is on the 10th day of January 2016. Furthermore, abstracts that are intended for poster presentation must be submitted up to 2 weeks prior to the event. Topics to be discussed during the event includes TBC, Immunosuppression in Lymphocytic Leukemia, HIV, the influences and infection status on methadone treatment, Mesenchymal cell with Improved Immunosuppression activity, Immunosuppression for kidney transplantation, cutaneous melanoma and autoimmunity diseases, Malignancies in HIV-infected population and a lot more.

Most of the event speakers were professional doctors and physicians in different parts of the world. The event will serve as a guide and key towards proper Immunosuppression awareness. For those individuals who are interested in attending this event, Euroscicon Ltd can be a great help. The registration fee for this event is very affordable that will suit to the budget of their potential attendees. Euroscicon Ltd also want to remind all their attendees that all abstracts accepted for oral presentation are all automatically accepted for poster presentation.

For those people who want to be aware and familiar about Immunosuppression, this event is the ideal virtual event people should attend. Euroscicon Ltd will guarantee all the attendees that they will learn lots of things during the event that they can use in preventing autoimmunity illnesses and diseases. Late registration fee applies after the 20th day of January 2016.



To learn more, please check out http://lifescienceevents.com/2016-immunosuppression-summit-15th-17th-march-2016. For inquiries, please contact them at (+44) 020 7183 82 31

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