Event Announcements

The Controlling Cancer Summit 2016: May 17th – 19th 2016, London


This meeting will bring you up to date with current research and thinking regarding screening, prevention and treatment in this ever-growing field. Presenting at this event, we will have a variety of clinicians, academics and members of the pharmaceutical industry.

Prof Martin Widschwendter’s research has focused on understanding how alterations in our cell’s software (referred to as the epigenome) are involved in early cancer development and how this information can be used for identifying individuals at risk and designing entirely new cancer-preventive measures. While Dr Georgopoulos’ work has demonstrated that we can use the power of products of the immune system to provide a novel approach to treat some of the most dangerous cancers by specifically killing cancer, but not normal cells.

Andreas Bender’s group has developed ways of personalizing medicine – which have the potential to make cancer treatments more efficacious, and identify treatments for rare diseases where no current treatment options exist.  Whilst research from Anthony Berdis’ lab has developed a new therapeutic strategy to increase the efficacy of anti-cancer agents that cause DNA damage

For more information please go to  www.lifescienceevents.com/Cancer2016

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