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Centrifuge tubes and bottles from Herolab


Herolab have been manufacturing high quality centrifuges for over 36 years and the brand is well known throughout the world. What is perhaps not so well known is the fact that Herolab also manufacture a very wide range of tubes and bottles for use in all centrifuges.

In addition to an extensive catalogue which gives a vast amount of information about the consumables that are available it is also possible to obtain further detailed information on these products from the ‘virtual advisor’ on the Herolab web site at

There are many factors that influence the performance characteristics and lifespan of centrifuge consumables. Herolab have endeavoured to produce, within reason, high quality products that will meet the service demands for all systems when used under most laboratory conditions.

Of course there are an extremely large number of applications and techniques in use in laboratories and hence there is no one single ‘perfect’ material for all centrifuge tubes. What may work well for one application may not be so good for another. However, the Herolab range of consumables gives the use a wide range of choices when selecting a tube of bottle for their application.

As with all Herolab products, they are manufactured to a high specification. All tubes and bottles come with screw caps which are gas and leak proof under high centrifugal force. Our Centrifuge Labware guide gives extensive information regarding product selection information as well as the detailing the material characteristics. The guide contains valuable information for anyone working with centrifuges.

Says Herolab: “we have an extensive range of tubes and bottles for all centrifuges. Our expert team can help guide you to the right product and give you some of the most competitive prices on the market”.



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