BJS Biotechnologies launches the innovative xxpress® system at Coronation Festival


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Founded in 1996 by BJS Company, BJS Biotechnologies was created to create and develop ultra-high speed thermocycling technology and apply it to PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) tests.

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From L-R: Richard Lewis (Chairman), Nick Burroughs (CEO) and HRH Prince Edward the Earl of Wessex

At the recent Coronation  Festival held in Buckingham Palace, in honour of the 60th anniversary of the Queen’s Coronation, BJS Biotechnologies  launched the innovative xxpress® system, The Fastest qPCR thermal cycler in the World, a claim that is confirmed by its ability to run a 40 cycle qPCR in under 10 minutes.

With a thermal ramp rate of up to 10°C per second, xxpress® is the fastest, real-time thermal cycler in the world, delivering 40 cycle qPCR in less than 10 minutes. Whilst not all PCR chemistries are yet as fast as xxpress®, there are a number that reliably match xxpress®’ speed.

With ultra-low thermal mass and high conductivity, xxpress®’ patented resistive heating system delivers its’ performance more efficiently and with greater accuracy than traditional based solutions.

In addition to the speed xxpress® is also the most thermally accurate qPCR thermal cycler in the World with; Thermal Uniformity across samples to better than ±0.3°C during cycling, xxpress® uses an array of highly accurate infrared sensors to determine the temperature of the test samples. A patented control algorithm adjusts the heating patterns at a rate of 100 times a second to ensure that thermal uniformity actually within the samples during fast ramping is better than ±0.8°C and static temperature uniformity is better than ±0.3°C. This accuracy, even at such ramp speeds ensures that all the samples across the plate experience the same thermal profile; ensuring consistent and comparable results from sample-to-sample, and from assay-to assay.

Nick Burroughs CEO said “he was delighted by the response the system had received and that he looked forward to the rest of the year being devoted to supplying systems to interested parties”.


Tel:0203 021 3754

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