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The Biomedical Scientist publishes meeting report from Euroscicon’s Pathology 2015

Professor Sergi with speakers from Pathology 2015

Professor Sergi (centre) with speakers from Pathology 2015. (L-R) Dr Joanne Edwards. Professor Gail Risbridger, Professor Consolato Sergi, Dr Roslyn Lloyd and Dr Jekaterina Erenpreisa


Euroscicon are pleased to announce that a meeting report from Pathology 2015 has been published in The Biomedical Scientist:

Sergi CM. Degenerative and oncologic diseases: new techniques and the mitochondriome.

The Biomedical Scientist 2016; 60 (2): 86-7

Advancing Pathology for Cancer Diagnosis, Staging and Prognosis

will take place on the 16th – 18th May 2017



Euroscicon are pleased

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